Food for a Depressed Soul

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The word for the day is “depression”.

Depression is not seeing the cup half full or half empty but seeing the cup completely empty – Charles Nwolisa.

Depression is a prison where you are both the suffering jailer and the cruel prisoner – Dorothy Rowe.

Depression is connected to one’s refusal to praise God – Rumi.

When you realize that you have so much working for you, you will praise and appreciate God for them and ignore the things not working for you (yet).

Depression is darkness but praise is light and remember, John 1:5 “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not”.

‎Count your blessings and name them one by one and it will surprise you what the Lord has done.



Operation 615, is a 52 day (14th May to 4th July 2018) passionate pursuit of the prophetic church growth agenda for the year 2018, after the order of Nehemiah (Nehemiah 6:15).

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