With Your Love Life; Look Before You Leap

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It was barely 6 months they moved in but my new neighbors were literally a pain in the ass.
The Bible admonishes us to love our neighbors as ourselves but what is there to love about a man and his gang who smoke every minute of the day?
What is there to love about a crew who fought each other in front of the compound, a few days after they moved in?
What is there to love about noisemakers whose loud secular music could be heard from the church close by?
What is there to love about people who care less about the compound or its occupants?

There was nothing to love about these people but we had to accommodate them because the landlord had failed in his due diligence.

I had stayed in the compound for three years prior to their arrival and I have seen people come and go but none has evoked such anger and anguish amongst the tenants of these people.

I had had enough and confronted the landlord and in defense, he said, “I didn’t know they were the ones that were going to be living in the house. Someone came on their behalf and paid. I should have investigated more before giving it to them. Now they have paid for a year and under the law, I can’t send them packing so we have to bear with them till their rent expires”.

Bare with them? These folks look like cultists mehhhhn, what if a rival gang comes for retaliation and the neighbors and the kids in the compound are caught in the crossfire or something?

If the Landlord couldn’t do anything, I’m sure my God can.
I prayed. Silently.

It didn’t take 3 months, I traveled and got back and they had moved out.

What a relief!!!!!

How many times have people accommodated others in their lives without doing their due diligence?
How many times have girls dated a married man unknowingly without intimately digging dip into his past and present?
How many times have you agreed to enter a friendship with someone without at least finding out who the person actually is?
How many times have ladies entered a relationship with a chronic womanizer without investigating his past relationships?
How many times have guys begun dating a lady who unknown to him is a nightcrawler?
How many times have ladies given their heart to a woman-beater all because they didn’t properly research on him before entering the relationship?
How many times have business people been duped by fraudulent business partners all because they didn’t get to know about them before entering the deal?

My landlord made a mistake which he regretted but his error didn’t cost him anything tangible, the same cannot be said of the numerous girls who have been physically, mentally and emotionally abused by psychopaths in the name of love.

No one becomes a woman beater overnight.
No one becomes a womanizer out of the blue.
No one becomes a frivolous spender from birth.
No one becomes a chronic cheat overnight.
No one becomes rude, saucy and disrespectful from nowhere.

No matter how well a pig is dressed, check under its armpit, you will see dirt.

Before you enter, look for dirt (by checking his social media profiles, by asking his neighbors, by asking his close friends, by asking him, by talking to his exes and most importantly by praying).

Don’t enter, find dirt and start praying to God to change him or her.

You are not APC, you can’t change anyone. Let them change before they get your heart or money.

Be wise. Do your due diligence.


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