The Nigerian and The Smoking Culture

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I dare you to pick up two “horror” movies, one Hollywood and the other Nollywood (Nigerian Movie Industry) and watch them, one after the other.  One thing will stick out like a sore thumb; white folks running towards danger and Nigerians running away from danger.

White folks like to do some FBI-investigative-shit when they sense danger. They are chilling in the crib and hear a strange sound outside and be like, “what’s happening outside, Jennifer, let’s take a look” and their inquisitiveness would eventually get them killed somehow.

The Nigerians on the other hand, have a knack for running away from danger, she hears a sound from outside and instead of being investigatively stupid, she runs into her room and bolts the door.

Nobody wants to die especially not a Nigerian.

Everyday you hear of the adventurous folks from the Western World being killed doing what they love. Fire fighters actually risking their lives running into burning buildings in a bid to save lives. You watch National Geographic channel and see these ‘crazy’ white folks dangerously socializing with dangerous animals and many died doing so.

Whites would rather enjoy life to the fullest and die young than live a manageably boring long life achieving nothing and just occupying space.

It’s no wonder smoking and its obvious dangers mean nothing to them. The smoking pack would clearly read ‘SMOKING KILLS’ and they still would care less.


What’s a Nigerian’s excuse for continually ignoring the obvious detrimental effects of smoking?

With “THE FEDERAL MINISTRY OF HEALTH WARNS THAT SMOKERS ARE LIABLE TO DIE YOUNG” clearly written on packs of cigarettes consumed by every Nigerian, the packs keep flying off the shelves with shops constantly restocking to keep up with demand.


These are the same Nigerians that would exhaust the name of Jesus when the airplane they are on experiences turbulence.

These are the same Nigerians that would blame the Government for the debilitating state of hospitals in the country but are gradually smoking their way to the same hospitals for treatment.


These are the same Nigerians that would readily run away from danger with the ‘I cannot come and go and kill myself’ mentality but running into danger by smoking.

These same Nigerians would readily pick up a cancer causing, life shortening and lungs destroying pack of cigarettes, smoke it and still be praying for long life so as to become loving grand parents to the littles ones.

What an irony!!!!

The Whites who invented cigarettes constantly live on the edge and are not afraid to die but as Nigerians and Africans in general, we love life and regularly pray for ‘long life and prosperity’ but constantly engaging in tobacco smoking negates those ‘prayers’.

Smoking has evolved from tobacco smoking to indian hemp and even shisha smoking has become the norm.

Youths, young men and even ladies now engage in ‘puffing’ in a bid to be cool.

What a life!!!!!

It is widely suggested that the lungs of a chronic smoker is 20 years older than his non smoking age mate’s lungs. So whereas a 40 year old non smoker has a 40 year old’s lungs, the chronic 40 year old smoker has the lungs of a 60 year old.

In the words of Joe Louis, “Everybody wants to go to Heaven, but nobody wants to die”.

SMOKING KILLS!!! No Joke……….

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