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I had just walked into the aisle for toiletries on my way to the toothpaste and toothbrush section in Shoprite when I sighted a friend. Apparently, she was standing at the condoms section but upon sighting me, she stylishly engineered her way to the perfumes side. I took note of her act of deception but ignored them as one of a shy girl who didn’t want me to know she was “naughty”. Her good girl image was one she would die protecting.

I minded my business nonetheless and we exchanged pleasantries. I proceeded to my target but kept an eye on her out of curiosity, needless to say, sister Kemi stylishly filled her shopping trolley with a pack or two of condoms and continued her shopping and I just laughed.

To think there is something extremely awkward about buying ‘delicately personal’ items like condoms, pregnancy test kits, sanitary pads and the likes out in the open amazes me.

I was with a friend who intended buying Postinor 2 close to her house but asked me to help her get it because in her words, “I am shy and the woman selling it talks too much”.

I have heard tales of guys entering a supermarket to buy condoms and stylishly ask for other things until the coast is clear enough to ask for to their desired pack of condoms.

I have friends that had to travel to another town all together just to conduct a pregnancy test so no one close knows she’s sexually active.

A while back, I decided to investigate this apprehension with buying ‘delicately personal’ stuff by conducting my own personal experiment. I was going to enter every shop in my neighborhood asking for condoms. I mean every shop. To make matters more intense, I wasn’t going to buy any. Just price and leave.


Ask for condoms and KY jelly (lubricant for sex); if they didn’t have, ask for directions to get one. If they had, ask them for a brand they were never going to have.


Watch their reactions (mannerism) to my inquest.

A few minutes later and after entering about 16 shops, I realized why people hated asking for personal stuff.


  1. Most shops had condoms and sexually oriented stuff hidden in a corner of the shop. I literally had to ask to be shown.
  2. Almost every mature lady I approached and in mature I mean 40+ had this “whose innocent daughter is this son of the devil about to finish” look on their faces.
  3. Almost every man I approached had this evil grin, some even went as far as recommending the good ones that according to them “will make me last longer”.
  4. ‎The young girls that I sampled exhibited a level of shyness when asked if they sold condoms in their shops. Only a few were bold enough to look me in the face. One even asked what I intended using the condoms for. “Balloon decorations”, I said in my mind. Question!!!!
  5. ‎I met this mature lady who made me laugh the hardest. I asked her, “Mummy, please do you have KY jelly?”. She replied, “I sell but it has finished, my husband is using the last one”. I didn’t know whether to laugh or enter the ground. “Your husband is using the last sex lubricant? On you or who?”, I thought quietly to myself while laughing my ass off as I left her shop.


This social experiment goes to show the ‘uncomfortability’ of most grownups with issues pertaining to sex.

Nobody wants to talk about it but all engage in it.

See a movie with grownups and watch them decide to go and pee when a sex scene comes on. Parents push the sex education of their children to teachers while teachers push it back to parents.

The mere mention of the word ‘sex’ draws raised eyebrows from all and sundry.

Churches shy away from any mention of sex as if children from God fall directly from Heaven.

Sex is an act everyone loves to engage in but uncomfortable discussing.

Sex and anything with a sexual innuendo is apparently a taboo but in the lyrics of Sade, it’s ‘the sweetest taboo’.

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