Do Bigger Breasts Produce More Milk?

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Just as I was about to step into my neighbor’s house for her birthday party, a group of her girlfriends who were gyrating gallantly, taking selfies and posing seductively for pictures outside caught my attention. As a man I had already scanned the ‘poultry’ and seen my desired ‘chick’. Took note and was already planning my move. Sharp guy things.

The house was filled up to the brim with no place to sit. I exchanged pleasanties and sought a place to rest my delicate buttocks. Lieing down so innocently across a couch was this cute little baby.

Just as I was admiring this bundle of beauty, a lady stepped into the house and picked him up and placed him in her​ bossom and motioned for me to sit down.

You could see the disappointment on my face for she was the same lady I had admired and ‘marked’ while entering the party venue.
I didn’t require a prophet to tell me that she was the mother of the baby I admired because the resemblance was uncanny. The wedding ring on her finger was the final nail in the ‘coffin’ of hope.

The admiration disappeared instantly or so I thought. It was ‘dance dance’ time and as the MC, she was in my full glare girating in her red tank top and voluminous chest. I had to bind and cast her in my mind, married woman? God forbid.

We had all danced, eaten and making friends when the purpose of this article was birthed.

Let me digress briefly.

There has always been a debate concerning the link between the size of woman’s breasts and the volume of milk they contain.

People have debated for the motion that the bigger the size, the more the milk. Others have argued against, noting that size has absolutely nothing to do with the milk content in a woman’s breasts.

What happened next at the party put paid to those arguments. Literally.

Seated just adjacent to the beautiful mother, she proceeded to breast feed her baby who had been crying.

As I started earlier, she is voluminous and composing myself, I had to look elsewhere so as not to admire another man’s property. It was in my absent mindedness that I felt a warm sensation on my legs. Regaining my composure, I looked down to see that the innocent baby had just spewed out a huge portion of the milk he was been fed.

Apparently, in less than 10 minutes of breastfeeding, the mother had overfed the baby with too much milk. Her boobs contained too much milk that her baby couldn’t take anymore.

Now naysayers would interpret the child throwing up to mean he was not fed at appropriate intervals meaning he was fed so soon apart but I can categorically tell you that in the two hours preceding to the incident, that baby was not fed and last I checked, a crying baby is usually a hungry baby.

So on evidence of the above, I hope I have been able to convince you that big breasts contains more milk that their smaller counterparts.
Thank you.

NOTE: This article was written with tongue in cheek. Take me seriously at your own peril.

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