Grace is the 'Jack' of all Trades.

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This is how people work without grace. Picture this.
A certain man desires to change the tyre of his car so he proceeds to removing the bolts in the tyre. He is done but now he needs to lift the car up a bit to successfully​ remove the deflated tyre. So he seeks the assistance of two friends, both muscular.


They proceed to lift the car from the back while he removes the tyre. They lift the car up again and he inserts the new tyre, inserts the bolts and the car is ready. Everyone is sweating profusely.



Now picture a man with grace. He wants to remove the tyre, he unbolts the tyre from the hinges and uses a simple jack to lift the car up, removes the tyre and replaces it. Simple.

The jack in this message is GRACE.



Hard work is good and admirable but hard work is limited without grace. Grace is simply the God factor in the race of life. With Grace, things appear easy and seamless. With Grace, little effort brings massive results. With Grace, life is enjoyed not endured. With Grace, stumbling blocks are turned into stepping stones.


Seek Grace in your trade (business, life, job, career, family etc) today.
Grace is the jack of all trade and master of all.
Seek God in your race today.


Be BAE. Believe. Aspire. Experience

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