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Growing up as a little boy, I knew girls existed and soon realized that boys were very different from them in more ways than one especially the fact that they don’t play football. Immediately the bell for break time rang, the boys were running onto the field with the ball to play soccer while girls played “ten ten” and all those annoying girly games. I never wanted to be a girl. Their life looked boring.


Secondary school came and I outgrew my distaste for girls. I started liking them. I wasn’t that fine but I was tall which got me a few admirers but I never thought much of it. My life was dedicated to two things: playing football and studying my books.


Girls?! No time.

You know how the devil tempted Jesus after He fasted 40 days and 40 nights? I’m sure you do. For teenagers, the devil doesn’t come down himself to tempt them, he sends friends. These friends come with a weapon called ‘peer pressure’.


Simply put, teenage vices like early sex, pregnancy, drugs, bad habits and the likes are synonymous with peer pressure. No teenager can run away from it. (When next you pray for your kids, pray for God to send them good friends).


It’s been almost two decades since my first ‘confrontation’ with peer pressure but one thing still remains the same. Friends will either make or mar you.


A wise man once said, “20 friends don’t play together for 20 years”. Another added, “how far you go in life is determined by how far your friends are willing to push you”.
Yet another quipped, “friendship is not by force but by choice”.


Remember, if your friend is not going in your direction, let go and when you get to your destination, call to say hi. Don’t remain on one spot because your friend refuses to ‘move’.


The yam plant that decides to be friends with weeds will soon choke to death – Pete Edochie, 1978.

Proverbs 13:20 said without mincing words, “walk with the wise and become wise for a companion of fools suffers harm”.

If you are a “jollof rice”, be friends with a “chicken”. Don’t be a jollof rice associating with amala. Both of you won’t go far together. – Chinua Achebe, 1962.

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