When Last Did You Recommend God?

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Nothing gladdens my heart more than talking about God.

So we went out to evangelize today and everyone I spoke to heard me say these words, “Let’s imagine you go to make your hair and you like the end product, would you recommend the hair stylist to someone else?” They all said yes.


“Let’s imagine someone makes a dress for you and you love it. You go out and people admire the dress on you, would you recommend the fashion designer to someone else?” They answered in the affirmative.

So if you can recommend the hair stylist and the fashion designer, when last did you ‘recommend’ God to someone else. He gave you life. He gave you food. He gave you health. All these things He has done and you keep quiet about Him?


I am asking you today, “When last did you “recommend” God to someone else?


Think about it.

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