For Those Getting Impatient With God

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I was having a conversation with a friend yesterday and she confided in me on how sad she had been feeling lately. She has been searching for a job for over a year since she finished NYSC but none was forthcoming. She wakes up unhappy and feels like things aren’t going as planned. In her own words “I just haven’t been happy lately. No job. So what am I supposed to be happy for. Talking to people doesn’t excite me anymore”.


When I gave her the ” you are alive, there is something to be happy for” speech, she replied “I am grateful to God. After all it is because I am alive that I can feel happy or sad. I just feel I am not where I am supposed to be at this stage of my life”.


I felt empathy for her because I was and currently am in her shoes. I waited almost a year for a job, then I got one but the salary package isn’t what I expect. At my stage, it is outrageously too small. I have felt bad a times with the position of things and used to complain to God way back.


Until I realized that God makes everything beautiful in His own time not mine. I heard it, I believed it, I digested it and it because my mantra. I might not be where I want to be, but I am not where I used to be. Progress might seem slow now, but I am positively sure that my God hasn’t forsaken me and all His plans would come to fruition very soon. It is tiresome to wait for that step. It is annoyingly tiresome but I rather wait on God than desperately fall into the unpredictable, desperate, selfish hands of man. As Bishop Oyedepo would always say “What God cannot give me, may I never have it. Where God cannot take me, may I never get there”.


While writing this article, the Holy Spirit sent a song by Steve Crown. A powerful song for every worryer, everyone getting desperate, everyone getting impatient with God.

Guess the title of the song….
“We Wait On You”.


Click HERE to download the song

And never forget to wait on God for your daily needs. Wait on Him for your marital breakthrough. Wait on Him for that job. Wait in Him for that personal comfort you seek. God is never late, we just lack the patience to wait.

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”

What do we do while waiting on God? Click HERE to read the sequel to this article. Be blessed.


35 thoughts on “For Those Getting Impatient With God

  1. Nice write up
    Waiting on Him for a lot of things but with God who strengthens me, it wont be obvious coz nobody really cares abt your issues
    Everybody has their own issues to deal with
    I relate well with your friend in the article coz I happen to be in a similar situation. Thanks

  2. Thanks my darling for your constant dose of inspiration
    I appreciate and love you dearly
    You are indeed Gods blessing to me time and time again
    May God cause the heavens to open up and pour his blessings upon u and generations u will birth. Amen

  3. It ministered to me!
    This is one of ur best if not ur best
    Infact it was aimed at me!*tear*

    Honestly I thought of this like few mins ago
    I was feeling like God had forgotten me
    Like i was been neglected by my maker
    I felt so bad that I couldn’t even whisper a prayer
    I was like of what good is my prayer even doing
    But i feel much better now after seeing ….
    God bless you

  4. Wonderful article Kurtis. Coming at a time when there’s economic meltdown, people loosing their jobs coz companies are trying to cut cost etc.. I must say is right on time. It’s never easy to hold on and have faith that something big is coming. Been there, done that! However, We should be grateful at every point knowing that the challenges we face today is a preparation for a Greater Glory. Our Victories in Christ are guaranteed. #Romans8:28 #Histimenotmine

  5. You know alot of people needs to hear this. I have been through this path before but unlike me I grew up knowing that God makes everything beautiful in His own time not mine. Well that was a knowing till I started putting that knowing to work. It became the ” what does God want me to be doing” not ” God this is what I want to do oya bless it”. Since we believe in God and that He created us we should also believe that a manufacturer has a purpose for the product which He produces. Thanks for sharing this message with people. The bible says that even after the 9 months of pain with a pregnant woman, at the birth of her child she forgets the season of pain. It only endures for a while, but when going through pain, what are you doing? Feeding. Thanks hun. God increases you more.

  6. Thank you for giving me something to always read about,put it to test and make it your way…I think you are a blessing to this generation.God go make you bigger ‘in wheezy’s voice’
    Nice write up bro

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