The Fastest Way To Know If Someone Is Interested In You

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The fastest way I can tell if someone is genuinely interested in me is if the person asks me questions about myself. I was on a date once with this girl and the conversation seemed like an interview. I was basically the only one asking all the questions and she was joyfully answering without asking me any. At the end of the date (interview session), I knew so much about her but I’m sure she only knew my name. That was the last time we hung out because it proved two things about her:
1. She’s full of herself.
2. She’s not interested in me.

The types of questions someone asks you could also be a determinant to his/her intentions. For example, a girl is on a date with a guy and he keeps asking her sexual questions like; when last did you have sex?, who disvirgined you?, what’s your soft spot? Etc. You don’t the gods to tell you that he is only interested in investing in between your legs.

One of the easiest ways to learn is by forming the habit of asking questions. If you can recall, the smartest students in class where always the ones raising their hands when the teacher/lecturer asks “any questions?”. Students like us just sat back expecting the efikos (smart ones) to ask the questions so we can learn from them.

Asking questions can also be a form of a compliment like “wow, who made this beautiful dress you are putting up?”, “you are looking so beautiful today, is it your birthday or something?”.

Questions can also be used to find the truth about something from someone. Mind you, anybody can lie when asked a question but the manner in which they are answered matters the most. If only ladies knew the skills of asking questions, heartbreak rate would reduce drastically.

From finding if someone is interested in you, to finding the truth, questions are a part of our everyday lives. Use them meticulously and always remember; questions are more important than their answers.

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