For Men Only: Marry Her If……..

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If she knows the offside rule in football and can explain it vividly, my brother you are staring at your wife, marry her instantly.

If she has only good things to say about her ex’s. Marry her.

If she asks you a political question like “Do you think making Lamido Sanusi The Emir of Kano was politically motivated?”. She’s gooood. Marry her asap.

If she doesn’t mind entering bus or bike with you in order to save some of your money. Marry her.

If she recommends you both eat at a mama put or share a plate of food in a big restaurant to save money. Marry her.

If on your first date she insists on not eating or just drinking water. Wife her.

If she knows how to drive, not the type that you have to wear 4 seat belts to be in a car with. I mean she really knows how to drive.

If she pays for the meal after your first date. Wife material. Marry her.

If she admits to have had an abortion, masturbating, sleeping with a stranger, or making out with a girl, she’s truthful, marry her. Mind you, if she doesn’t admit to any. She’s a liar. All girls have either done one or all.

If she says thank you everytime you do something for her. Wow. Marry her asap.

If she loves children and knows how to related to them. Marry her.

If knows the different between a referee and an assistant referee in a football match. Marry her.

If she gives up watching Telemundo, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and all those girlie stuff just to watch a football match with you. Gosh. Marry her or I will.

If she not only supports a football club but also knows at least 5 players in that club. Damnnnn. Marry her.

If she doesn’t ask you how much you earn. Marry her.

If she loves her father and they both share a special connection. Marry her.

If she seeks your advice on anything she does whether business, job, school or career related. Marry her.

If she’s always asking you about your goals and striving to help you accomplish them. Wife that woman.

If she is working towards being a rich wife instead of looking for a rich husband. Marry her.

If you ask her the question “where would you like to be in 5 years?” and the first and second answer have to do with her career not marriage. Marry her.

Note: Please don’t take this list too seriously but if she does more than half of the 20, marry her. If she does less than half, then think about it. If she does all, introduce me to her to marry please. God bless you…lol

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