Dealing With Disappointment

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Some weeks back, a friend told me a story of how her 15 year old cousin was shot in the leg by armed robbers who came to rob her uncle. She was in tears and asking God why He would allow such a thing to happen to this innocent young girl. When she told me the story I was just smiling and thanking God. She was shocked and was asking me why I would be happy when a girl had just been shot. I asked her to repeat what she just said. A girl has just been shot not a girl has just been killed. Her disappointment was her cousin was shot, my elation was although her cousin was shot, she was alive, she was eating, she was responding to treatment, she was smiling, she was going to the toilet, she was talking, she was watching TV. Dead people can’t do all these.
My watch word in life is “every disappointment is a blessing in disguise”. Do you see your disappointments as a blessing in disguise? Remember this Bible verse and recite it to yourself when you encounter disappointments in life and that is Romans 8:28 (NLT) which says “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God.” Your only responsibility to take hold of this promise is to “love God”, as long as you love God everything will work together for your own good. It didn’t say good things or wonderful things will work together for your good. It says everything. Everything means all those things that look like bad news, the things that brought you heartache, the things that made you cry, the things that made you happy are all happening for your own good.

A while back, another friend pinged and told me of how he has faced so much trouble since the turn of the year. His pregnant wife’s health was attacked by the devil and had to be admitted to a hospital for over 2 months. His wife eventually gave birth but the baby came out deformed and coupled with that the hospital bills were through the roof. In his own words, “it seems God has forsaken me, why is this happening to me and my family”. I saw his story from a very different point of view, which is as a testimony. I asked him “are you alive?”, he said yes of course. I also asked “is your wife alive?”, he said yes. I then asked “is your child alive?”, he also said yes. I then told him that is he aware that the devil’s mission had failed?. I reminded him of the devil’s mission which in John 10:10a says “the thief (satan) comes only to steal, KILL and destroy”. His mission was to kill you, he failed so he went after your wife, he also failed and he went after your unborn child and to God be the Glory, he failed yet again. I then read the full John 10:10 to him which says “The thief (Satan) comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I (God) have come that they may have life, and have it to the full”. The devil’s mission was to take a member of his family’s life but God gave them life and life to the fullest.

Are you discouraged because your not yet in school when your mates are about graduating or do you believe everything is working together for your good?
Are you discouraged because years after graduation you are still jobless or do you believe everything is working together for your good?
Are you discouraged because your mates are married and your still very single or do you believe everything is working together for your good?

There is always two sides to every situation and they are equally distant from you. The effort you require to take notice of your disappointment is the same you require to notice your imminent success.
The mouth you use to describe your problems is the same you use to describe your possibilities. It is simply a matter of choice. It is the same effort you are using to explain and describe your mountains that you need to bring them down. Your choice determines whether you are encouraged or discouraged. What you focus on determines whether you have an “en” or a “dis” added to your courage. Cheer up for everything is happening for your own good.

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