The “All My Mates” Syndrome

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The ancient Greeks had two words for time, chronos and kairos. Chronos refers to chronological or sequential time. The chronos in simple terms refers to a specific amount of time such as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years. The other is the kairos which refers to the right time or the opportuned time or the supreme time. In the New Testament, the kairos means ‘the appointed time in the purpose of God’ and it was used 81 times in the New Testament. The chronos on the other hand can be termed as ‘man’s time’ and it was used 54 times in the New Testament.

I will use Abraham and Sarah to explain both types of time. In Genesis 17, God appeared to Abraham and told him that his wife was going to bear a son and he should be called Isaac. Abraham was 100 years and Sarah was 90 years, considering the chronos time it was too late for both of them to bear a child. Sarah was way pass her menopause, she had even entered menostop and menofastforward (my words, pls don’t check the dictionary). Abraham could not possibly produce sperm at that age so how was it even imaginable for a man without sperm to fertilize a woman without eggs and give birth to a son. Their ages which falls under the chronos time said it was impossible. But the kairos time which means the appointed time in the purpose of God beats chronos time anyday anytime.
The problem we have in life is that we keep checking the chronos time and that determines if we are happy or we feel fulfilled. We fail to check God’s time which is the kairos time. There is always a divine timing for everything God wants to do, stop looking at the wrong time. When we check the chronos time, we make statements like:
I am getting too old and I am not married. Any man that comes now, I will marry because I can’t wait anymore.
I have finished school for a long time without a job. I will just start 419 to make ends meet.
I have been married for so long without a child. I am tired of praying, I will visit a babalawo to help me.
All my mates are married.
All my mates have good paying jobs.
Really? Are all your mates really married? Okay since we are talking about all your mates.
What about your mates that are not married.
What about your married mates that are suffering in their marriages.
What about your mates that are dead.
What about your mates that are in the hospital.
What about your mates that have run mad.
What about your mates that are in psychiatric hospitals.
There is no mate in life really, life is a personal adventure. Your timing is different from someone else’s own.
All of us cannot get the same thing at the same time. If we all get married on the same day, who will attend whose wedding? Who will take care of the makeup? Who will make the cakes and decorations? Who will come and spray money on you? Who will be my best man and who will be your brides maid?
Ecclesiastes 3:11 says “God has made everything beautiful in His own time”. Everything with God is programmed and it comes in His appointed time which is the kairos time.
There is divine timing for everything we desire in life. God makes everything beautiful in His time. There is such a beauty when you get something in God’s time. When you rush things, you don’t get the best.
God didn’t give you that car then because you would have had an accident in it.
God didn’t make that man marry you because He had a better man for you.
God didn’t give you that job because it would have tied you down and limited your career progress.
Stop looking at the chronos time but the kairos time. Come to think of it those that bought Toyota Camry 2008 model in 2008 are now driving old model while you that will soon buy the 2014 model will be driving the latest model. Calm down and relax. God will do it in His own time not your own time.

Vote of Thanks:
To my pastor, Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo of Davids Christian Centre for inspiring this article. God bless you Sir

16 thoughts on “The “All My Mates” Syndrome

  1. Lol! I’m so guilty of this! All my mates are happy and I’m not…blah blah blah! I need to stop already! Besos, Kurtis!

    1. Lesh Lesh!….your something else, you know that right?!. You better appreciate you and where you are because everybody is busy loving themselves, don’t be left behind. *wink*

    1. Its a post that still keeps inspiring me. I met a young lady at the cinemas the other day who has gone through so much already and was so downbeat about life. I opened the post to her to read and you could see the smile on her face after she finished reading it. She told me “no more chronos, I am gonna be kairos from now on”. Thanks Oga Steve

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