Understanding Patrick Obahiagbon’s Grammar

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I was travelling with a few friends some months back when the subject of Patrick Obahiagbon and his heavy grammar came up.
Some accused him of lacking good communication skills since communication entails one person speaking and the other hearing and understanding, others accused him of “yarning balls” which in pidgin English means speaking rubbish.
I was definitely the only one in the bus supporting Oga Patrick and here is why I love the man. He makes me want to learn, makes me want to research and find out the message he is actually trying to pass across and more importnantly he makes me laugh..lol
If you haven’t seen the Channels TV interview with Patrick Obahiagbon or you want to remind yourself of its contents or like me you just want to laugh, follow the link: http://bit.ly/1buZ3bf
So I did my research on his ‘grammatology’ in the interview and this is what I came up with:
1. “Donkey’s years” means a very long time. For example, I have loved you for donkey’s years.
2. “Crincum-crancum” is something full of twists and turns. For example, the political crincum-crancum affecting Rivers State.
3. Hagga” is a hindi slang which means shit. For example, your such a hagga friend…lol
4. “Odoriferous” is something that gives off an unpleasant smell. For example, that girl’s breathe is odoriferous
5. “Transmogrify” means to transform in a surprising manner. For example, PDP has transmogrified.
6. “Calamitous” means causing or involving calamity. For example, the way you are living will end up calamitous.
7. “Interstices” means an intervening space usually a small or narrow one or an interval of time.
8. “Pestilential” which means dangerous or troublesome; harmful or annoying. For example, he has a pestilential personality.
9. “Origo” means origin or source. For example, baby your the origo of my exhilaration (a feeling of excitement or happiness.
10. “Suzerain” means a state exercising some degree of dominion over a dependent state. For example, Nigeria over Lagos.
11. “Terra firma” which means dry land (the ground) or territory..e.g: Hope u are in charge of ur terra firma?
12. “Teke teke mene upharsin”, according to my research he said it the wrong way, it is supposed to be “mene, mene, tekel, upharsin” which is quoted from the Bible in Daniel 5:25 and it means a fate clearly written.

I hope with these 12 points of mine, I have able to convince you and not to confuse you that most of Patrick Obahiagbon’s grammar is correct. I’ll end with this quote I saw on the internet about someone’s view Patrick grammar “Obahiagbon is very vast, knowledgeable and sensible contrary to some people’s opinion. He was educated when the country could boast of quality education. Evident in his rich use of English, Spanish, French cum Portuguese.His idiomatic expressions were outstanding”.

May God transmogrify you beyond your widest cognizance.AMEN!!

11 thoughts on “Understanding Patrick Obahiagbon’s Grammar

  1. Wow…now this is really enlightening…I know he does the”coinage” fingy a lot..buh this is very good, thanks man..

  2. Yea….im aware dat som of his english r correct
    But y speak in a way dat som wil nt understand
    Dis is my verdict…..fr causin noise in communicatin 2 pple he shuld teach fr 2hours a day in any sec.sch of his choice.. Lolll

  3. Of what use are words in the dictionary if they are not employed to convey thought? From my own point of view, if Obahiagbon’s grammar and use of vocabulary are correct, and are indeed sensible and understandable after ratiocinative inquiry, then more grease should be smeared on his elbow. If Obahiagbon should always send us to our dictionaries in order to understand him, then its another way of learning without knowing it.

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