7 Reasons Single Girls Like Married Men

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Have you ever wondered why young girls date married men, in most cases their father’s age mates. My inquisitive nature made me reach out to a few friends that had dated married men and ask them why they preferred married men over single guys and coupled with my own observation I came up with this piece. So lets proceed:
1. Married men take GOOD care of their girl very well: Most single guys are very smart and in most cases stingy and tend to outsmart a girl in love. To a single guy, the less he spends on his girl the happier he is but to a married man, the more he spends on his girl, the more confortable she is the happier he is. A married man clearly has a family and when he loves a girl that is not his wife, he tends to spoil her with goodies in a bid to keep her happy and satisfied.
2. Married men are ‘low-risk’: A girl knows that with a married man, what she sees is what she gets. Married men don’t have time for games. When a girl dates a married men she has this mentality ‘he’s married so he’s definitely not gonna marry me so let me just chop and go’ but with single guys, you are not sure if he loves you, if he is serious about you, if he is a player, if he is only after sex, if he’s after your money. they are just too risky joh..lol
3. Married men spend outrageously: Lets assume a girl is dating both a married man and a single guy with the same size of pockets, which of them do you think will buy the girl a car first?…you guessed it. A married man in most cases already bought a car for his wife so buying a car for his girlfriend should not be a problem if he has the money. A single guy will never buy his girlfriend a car until he marries her and in most cases they use it as an engagement gift (ask Peter of P-Square..lol)
4. Married men are busy: Married men have work, wife, children and family matter to take care of so they are too busy to be calling their girl and asking questions only a single guy will ask, questions like ‘where are you?, why haven’t you replied my ping?, why are you not picking your calls?, who is that guy on your dp?, who is the guy commenting on your fb page?..etc.
5. Married men have experience: Married men already have families that they take care of while a single guy is mostly inexperienced at this sector.
6. Pregnancy Problem: A girl gets pregnant for a married man, three things are involved; he either marries her as a second wife or he gets her a place and takes care of her and the baby or he gives her enough money to abort the baby because he doesn’t want anything to tarnish his image. A girl gets pregnant for a single guy, three things are involved; he will first of all deny her or the baby or the both of them or he takes her to a quack doctor to abort the baby and in very few cases if she’s lucky he marries her.
7. Single guys pose: 9 out of 10 married men are driving their own cars while 5 out of 10 single guys are driving their own cars, the rest are driving daddy’s car. Single guys are still under their parents so they don’t make decisions for themselves while married men are their own bosses and can do whatever they please.


leave married men alone#WARNING: All in all, as they say what goes around comes around, if your a girl and your hurting another girl by frolicking with her husband, karma will bite you in the ass when you get married. #LeaveMarriedMenAlone

4 thoughts on “7 Reasons Single Girls Like Married Men

  1. I don’t do married men, but seriously as a girl even if u sleep with a married man or u don’t sleep with a married man ur husband will still cheat. Men can’t survive without cheating, be it a married man or a single guy. in fact for married men it seems that ring is a freedom for them to cheat . i got this saying from a ghanain movie called *CHEATERS * “show me a man who doesn’t cheat on his spouse and I will show you a pregnant virgin”

    #that~calabar ~ girl

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